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Think Tanks for Early Stage COSCH Researchers were introduced at the second meeting of the Action, held at King's College London in September 2013. Alamin Mansouri and Orla Murphy report

Think Tanks for Early Stage COSCH Researchers, King's College London, 25–26 September 2013. Photo: A. Bentkowska-Kafel

The call for ESRs was well received within the action, with a good response generating a broad geographical, gender, and disciplinary mix.

The initial meeting and ice-breaker session was held on Tuesday evening at 5.00pm in King's College London. Most participants attended and after initial introductions, introduced each other to the group, the idea behind the session was explained to participants – to create a real, and virtual community to engage ESRs and their key concerns in relation to the issues raised by the Action.

The inaugural COSCH ESR Think Tank was held at King's College London on Wednesday, 25th September 2013, 10–12.30.

Many more participants attended than had been anticipated. This level of engagement by ESRs is to be welcomed.

1. All participants introduced themselves and their areas of interest to the group. This gave a good overview of participants' disciplinary expertise, and their interest in the Action.

2. Small group engagement: ESRs discussed specific issues they wished to highlight within the action, and areas of critical concern for them. These were recorded live into a shared Google Doc.

As was hoped, virtual engagement with the document continued after the physical meeting closed. As late as last week additions were made by 2 non-MC participants.

Alamin Mansouri and Orla Murphy

20 October 2013


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